Are Garage Doors Covered By Home Insurance?

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Garage door damage can occur in a number of ways – storms, vandalism or even an accidental collision with your car – but are garage doors covered under your home insurance policy? A damaged garage door can be extremely detrimental for the overall aesthetic appeal of your property, and if the door fails to close […]

A Buyer’s Guide To Commercial Garage Doors

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Here are several things to keep in mind when you are in the market for a commercial garage door. What Should I Look For When Buying A Commercial Garage Door? When looking for a garage door for your business or commercial space, it is important to consider more than just the price. The size of […]

How Long Should Your Garage Door Opener Last?

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Like most mechanical things, garage door openers aren’t made to survive forever – but how long can you expect yours to last? The Expected Lifespan of a Garage Door Opener Much like the garage door itself, your garage door opener is a crucial component of the total mechanism. On average, you can expect your garage […]

How Long Do Garage Doors Last?

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The lifespan of your garage door is directly related to the level of maintenance you invest into it. How Long Does A Garage Door Typically Last? The reliability of a garage door is something that is taken for granted by nearly all homeowners, who expect the door to operate perfectly for a lifetime. Knowing how […]

Why Does My Garage Door Open By Itself?

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Your garage door is an important safety feature of your home, and it should only open on your command. Why Is It Important That My Garage Door Functions Correctly? When purchasing a home, we make sure the doors lock, the gates are secure and the windows open and close effectively, but we often overlook the […]

How Often Should You Service Your Garage Door?

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Regular maintenance of your garage door ensures everything works safely and efficiently. Why Is Garage Door Servicing Important? Similarly to cars, air conditioners or other equipment and machinery, servicing your garage door is the most effective way to prolong its operational life. By regularly maintaining your garage door you can minimise the amount of wear […]

5 Fantastic Styles of Garage Doors Available for Your Home

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You’ve spent your time and money on improving the aesthetic appeal of your home to fit your ideal dream. However, even with the improvements made you still seem to wonder that something is missing from the final look… Could it possibly be the lack of a stylish new garage door? The Debate on Garage Doors […]