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Commercial Garage Door Remote & Accessories

As exclusive Grifco suppliers, we offer an extensive range of Grifco commercial garage door remotes and accessories to improve the functionality of your Grifco garage door. For all residential, commercial, and industrial garage doors, Grifco has the range of accessories to improve both the operation and safety of your garage door. As accredited suppliers, all our experienced garage door technicians are recognised Grifco installation experts. Learn more about our range of Grifco remotes and accessories and find the solution for you below.

Grifco Remotes

Remote Transmitters

To improve the accessibility of your residential, industrial, or commercial garage door, Grifco offers a range of remote transmitters to accompany your Grifco Garage door and opener. The features of remote transmitters include:

Transmitter Management

Managing the sheer number of remotes larger commercial businesses or apartment building carparks require can be complex. Grico offers transmitter management to make the addition, deletion, and editing of remotes simple. The features of transmitter management include:

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Industrial warehouse with a set of new garage doors

Grifco eDrive +2.0 Logic Expansion

Expansion Board

If you want to add functionality to your residential, commercial, or industrial garage door, an expansion board will allow for additional features, such as: 

Main Control Board

Main control boards are used to replace older models (Maestro and original eDrive) of Grifco operators to improve their features and functions:  

Logic for Mechanical Limit Operators

The logic controls system allows for any commercial garage door to be upgraded to offer the following features:   

Grifco Garage Door Wall Controls

eDrive +2.0 Wall Control

For more specified commercial and industrial use, the Grifco range of eDrive Garage Door Wall Controls bring advanced control of certain functions for particular applications. The features of these systems include:

Reversing Starters

A reversing starter adds additional controllability when opening and closing your garage doors. The features of this accessory include:

Key Switches & Push Buttons

The addition of a key switch and push button to your garage door improves security by adding an additional level of key access. The benefits of this accessory include:

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Safety Devices

Monitored Safety Beams

To increase the safety of your home or commercial space, a monitored safety beam will detect any objects obstructing the door and stop it from closing. Please note, it is a requirement to have a monitored safety beam installed under Australian/New Zealand standards for Commercial/Industrial application. The additional benefits of a monitored safety beam include:

Monitored Light Curtain

The LED light curtain covers two metres up from the base of your garage door to protect vehicles or persons who may be walking underneath it. The features and benefits of a monitored light curtain include:

See-through style commercial garage door in use

Grifco Warning & Power Systems

Flashing Lights and Sounders

Flashing lights and sounders are a simple yet effective addition to your commercial space for added safety and peace of mind. The benefits include:

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Device

Losing access to your commercial or industrial building during a power outage can cause a multitude of accessibility issues and a loss of efficiency. A UPS device allows for:

LED Traffic Signal

LED traffic signals help to easily manage traffic coming in and out of your premises. The benefits include:

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Mounting Equipment

Mounting Kits

These kits allow for the simple installation of Grifco operators. The benefits of using Grifco specific mounting kits include:

Transmission Hardware

We can supply any hardware you may need during the installation of a Grifco garage door system. Grifco transmission hardware offers:

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Unparalleled customer service

When deciding on who you are going to have service your garage door it is important to recognise the importance of unparalleled customer service. Jims Garage Doors is committed to providing exceptional customer service and offering transparent advice in order to find the best maintenance solution for you. The most important aspect of our customer service is that having your garage door maintained won’t impact your day.

Wide range of brands & products

Jims Garage Doors is not affiliated with one particular garage door brand which means we carry a large range of garage doors, roller doors, motors, remotes, and accessories. Our product range covers all residential, commercial, and industrial garage doors needs. As accredited Merlin and Grifco garage door dealers, all products of theirs we supply come with a full warranty.

Expert advice & custom solutions

As an independent garage door company, we offer advice and solutions that span across all brands, makes, and models. The team at Jims Garage Doors pride themselves on offering you a customised solution that works for your family home or your business. We work within your budget, requirements, and style of your home to find the perfect garage door solution for you.

Trusted, reliable, efficient service

All the technicians at Jims Garage Doors undergo an extensive training process to ensure that the garage door specialist working at your home or business is capable of performing an independent service quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Office base in Maddington

Our office based in Maddington Perth is staffed with a friendly and knowledgeable team who can help answer all your garage doors system and accessory questions and enquiries. Our clear and effective communication allows us to make installing, repairing, or replacing your garage door at a residential or commercial property simple.


Can I use any garage door remote for my Grifco opener?

If you have a Grifco door opener, it is recommended that you use a Grifco remote. While it is possible to find universal garage door remotes that work for newer garage door opener models (regardless of brand), it may not work for older models.


You can find the relevant compatibility of our Grifco Openers with our Grifco Remotes located here.

How do I program Grifco remotes?

Our Grifco remotes have a coding procedure which varies based on the type of Grifco opener. We supply all Grifco remotes with the proper coding instructions.


We always recommend pairing a Grifco opener with a Grifco remote. This ensures the garage door opener and remote are on the same frequency.


To learn more about our Grifco remotes, speak with one of our technicians 

What does the Grifco eDrive +2.0 technology bring to commercial and industrial sites?

The Grifco eDrive +2.0 is best known for its reliability, safety, and intelligent operation of your garage door, which has made it the trusted system used by professionals.

It has provided many businesses with the power and flexibility to suit many applications and environments. This is equally matched by its innovative logic operation that allows smart, powerful operation of your garage door.

The Grifco eDrive +2.0 is compatible with a wide range of Grifco openers, doors and accessories that help you improve the safety, efficiency, and functionality of your building.

If you want to know more about the Grifco eDrive +2.0, speak with one of our technicians.

Will I ever need to replace my Grifco remote?

Yes, over time your Grifco remote might need to be replaced or repaired. A problem could also be caused by your garage door.


 If you notice any of the following occurring, then it is time to get our technicians to have a look.


  • Buttons are not working or can’t be pushed
  • Buttons are worn or wearing
  • Response time is lagging
  • Remote is not transmitting
  • You see a flashing light on your remote
When will I need to replace the batteries in my Grifco remote controller?

Your Grifco remote relies on batteries to power it. Most batteries can last for approximately two to five years depending on how much you use your remote.

Will my Grifco remote work on any other garage door?

Grifco offers a selection of remote transmitters to accompany your Grifco Garage door and opener but some are only compatible with certain garage door motors.


If you are not certain if the remote you have is compatible, you can email us a photo of your remote and garage door and we can help you work it out.