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Jims Garage Doors is your trusted garage door specialist in Perth.

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As a reputable Perth garage door company, we stock a huge range of garage doors and accessories from the best manufacturers. We are also accredited Merlin and Grifco suppliers and offer these top-quality products with a full warranty. As the garage door specialists in Perth, we pride ourselves on always providing a solution that fits your needs and budget without compromising on the safety and security of your property.
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Service, Installation, & Repair

Service, Repair, & Garage Door Installation in Perth.

The purpose of a garage door is to secure your home or business. The best way to ensure your garage door always protects your property is to have it installed, repaired, and regularly serviced by a professional. With Jims Garage Doors you know you will be getting one of the best garage door installers in Perth.

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Residential, Commercial, & Industrial

No matter the type of garage door you are after, Jims Garage Doors truly is the We supply, install, and service all residential, commercial, and industrial garage door systems and accessories. We are confident in our team’s extensive experience and knowledge within the industry and deliver a seamless service experience for you every time.

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Who We Are

Jims Garage Doors was established by Jim back in 2009. When Jim was looking to wind down and sell the business, we felt that keeping his trusted and respected name was important. Jim is still called upon for his expertise and knowledge within the industry and his passion drives us to continue being the best.

Our team of fully specialised technicians are trained in every aspect of maintenance, repair, and installation of all makes and models of garage doors. Our Maddington based office services the Perth Metropolitan and greater Peel Region.

We are the Garage Door Specialists across Perth

Jims Garage Doors services the following areas:
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Garage Door Supply Range

Garage doors

Whether you know exactly the style and function you want for your new garage door, or if you are seeking professional advice, Jims Garage Doors wide range and friendly staff make the choice straightforward. Our extensive range of makes, models, and brands of roller doors in Perth, include:

Our garage door specialists in Perth can offer you an obligation free quote and competitive pricing to get your new industrial, commercial, or residential door fitted as soon as possible.

Garage door openers

Although the garage door is the component that will have the greatest impact on the appearance of your home or business, the garage door opener is the part doing all the heavy lifting. Finding the correct garage door opening system for your requirements is important for both accessibility and usability of the garage door. Jims Garage Doors’ wide variety of stock includes fully automated openers through to industrial roller door motor openers for all commercial, residential, or industrial needs. Our garage door opener installation service can be performed as part of a complete garage door system install or as a stand-alone service. 

Remotes & accessories

To improve the security and functionality of your garage door, we recommend adding genuine remotes and accessories to your garage door system. To increase security and safety, we recommend accessories such as, infrared safety beams, LED garage lights, and battery backups for automated doors. To improve the accessibility of your property for those who need regular access, we recommend having multiple garage door remotes. For larger properties where remotes are not a feasible option, we also supply and install security keypads and wireless openers. If you are unsure of what remotes and accessories you might need, our knowledgeable team can offer you expert advice. 

Have you got an enquiry about your garage door?


What is a sectional garage door?

A sectional garage door is constructed using multiple horizontal panels that bend as the door is opened and closed. When opening, sectional garage doors run along metal tracks placed on the inside of your garage roof.

Do you provide a free measure and quote service?

Yes. If you’re looking for garage doors in Perth, we offer an obligation free measure and quote service to make sure you are completely happy with both the style of garage door we can provide and the cost of installation.

What brands of garage doors can you supply?

Jims Garage Doors regularly supplies and installs a large range of doors from numerous Garage Door Manufactures. These include Centurion, B&D, Steel Line and Danmar.

Roller doors versus sectional garage doors?

Both options are popular due to their simplicity of design, affordability, and ease of use.

When it comes to small garage doors, roller doors are often cheaper than sectional garage doors.

For large garage doors both options can be closer in cost, but this will depend on the brand chosen.

Roller doors generally lower the opening height of your garage more than a sectional garage door. However, this will only affect you if you don’t have a large amount of headroom above the opening height.

Sectional doors may have less impact on the opening height than roller doors when they are open, but they will reduce the ceiling height of the garage for a much greater distance back into the garage.


Finding the right fit for your home or business can be done so during our free measure and quote service.

How do I choose from the wide range of colours?

We recommend looking at the external colours of your house and marrying in the colour of your new garage door with that colour scheme. This gives a seamless look to your entire home’s exterior.

Do you sell custom garage doors?

If there is a specific style or function you need for your residential garage door, Jims Garage Doors can assist with all the necessary customisations to make it suit your Western Australian home. Our custom touches range from specific colours, finishes, shadow lines, function programming, and materials to make your garage door match your Perth home.

How does an automatic garage door work?

Automatic garage doors make life that little bit easier. Using radio frequencies, an automatic garage door and its matching remote work on the same radio frequency, when these frequencies match (proximity)the door will open when the button is pressed. Frequencies can be changed if your remote ever gets into the wrong hands to stop that remote from being able to access your garage.

What are the different types of garage doors?

At Jims Garage Doors we stock the following door types:


  • Energy-efficient/insulated doors
  • Wood finish sectional doors
  • Custom garage doors
  • Sectional doors
  • Window styles
  • Flex-a-doors
  • Roller doors


  • Aplimesh security doors
  • Roller doors/shutters
  • Sectional doors


  • Roller doors/shutter
  • Roller doors

What are the best commercial garage doors?

This really depends on the circumstance. What you need to take into consideration is:

  • Size – larger spaces will need a door that can fit the entrance size, sectional and roller doors are the most adaptable to large spaces. For small spaces with limited room, a roller door is best as it fits into a small space when open.
  • Style – the style of your commercial garage door will depend on the industry you’re in, how often the door is used, the type of access needed, and the size of vehicles entering the space.
  • Motor type – in industrial or commercial settings, your door is likely going to be opening and closing multiple times a day. This will require a heavy-duty motor, making the door able to deal with the load of a heavier door whilst still opening quickly.
  • Security – roller shutters are a great choice for industrial spaces as they can withstand higher impacts if people are trying to gain access unlawfully. They can also be wind-locked to improve its integrity.
  • Visual appearance – if you’re wanting to customise the colour to match your commercial or industrial space, most doors come in a range of colours.

What are the best residential garage doors?

The type of garage that will work for your house will depend on:

  • Size – If you have a small garage with low ceiling heights, a sectional door is recommended as you lose less than 20 cm for your ceiling height.
  • Style – matching the style of your house to your garage door is a great way to improve the look of your home’s exterior.
  • Budget – there is a garage door to suit every budget.


We Service All Types & Brands