5 Fantastic Styles of Garage Doors Available for Your Home

House with georgian style

You’ve spent your time and money on improving the aesthetic appeal of your home to fit your ideal dream.

However, even with the improvements made you still seem to wonder that something is missing from the final look…

Could it possibly be the lack of a stylish new garage door?

The Debate on Garage Doors

Many homeowners consider garage doors to be the last thing on their home improvement lists. Others rarely even think about changing them.

That is unless it starts showing problems in its function – a homeowner might not bother replacing it.

Yet, we at Jims Garage Doors believe that a garage door offers more to a property than being a front entrance. That’s because not only do they add security features to your house, but they also offer garage space and protection of your storage items and vehicles against weather elements.

So why leave your newly renovated house looking dull and drab when you can add a gorgeous garage door to increase your home’s curb appeal and complete aesthetic?

Investing in a stylish garage door brings benefits that will become a key feature of your property.

But what kind of garage door is best for me?

It isn’t easy choosing a garage door that is worthy of your home. As there are different styles and designs that have unique qualities to suit each and any home.

Let us at Jims Garage Doors introduce you to 5 popular residential garage door styles that Perth homeowners are using.

1. Standard Style - Sectional Garage Doors

Standard Style Garage Door

Frequently seen in the various neighbourhoods of Perth, Sectional garage doors consist of sectioned panels that ease operational workload of its motor.

Initially using just as much space as a single panelled door, Sectional doors when opened, require much less space.

The use of multiple panels makes the sliding motion of the sectional door smoother and more reliable. Becoming more efficient and secure compared to traditional garage doors.

Another key bonus is the versatility of its design. Home owners can opt for various themes or styles depending on their exterior designs. Our best sellers are the classy wooden sectional doors which are considered a minimalist way of expressing a sophisticated and timeless style of preference.

2. Whimsical Style - Window Styles

Garage Door with Windows

Long gone are the days when garage door installations were only about security and robustness. Recently, the trend among Perth homeowners have seen them opting for several garage door designs that pay attention to style too.

Adding a little glass detail can transform your garage door for a fancy look. From delicate design structures to the number of windows in each section―it’s all about crafting elegant garage doors for display.

Won’t they break?

Despite their fragile appearance, window styled garage doors are durable to nature. We usually place the double-strength glass inside the window inserts to minimise damage. Allowing you the option of styling the feature windows anyway you want.

3. Flexible Style - Flex-A-Door

Two people standing on a balcony of a unit above 2 garage doors

Our futuristic flex-a-doors are the one for you. Their hassle-free design makes them ideal alternatives for your current tilt garage doors. They are also good for garages where there is limited space for movement and headroom. Flex-A-Doors functions exactly like a roller door.

Meaning that with its contemporary design, it can simply glide up and disappear in a single-motion movement.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t any! These modern versions of roller doors are safer and more secure than their predecessors. You don’t need spacious garages or elbow grease to make these types of garage door work. The door opens smoothly, efficiently, and super reliably.

4. Eco-Friendly Garage Doors - Energy Efficient Doors

A house with solar panels and a white garage door

Don’t want to leave behind a big carbon footprint?

These insulated garage doors are your best solution in helping pave a greener future. The energy efficient doors come with an insulating layer that is heat-resistant and water proof, that help maintain the internal temperature of your home.

Allowing you not only to protect your house and car from the elements, but also alleviating monthly energy consumption.

If you are someone who wants to make a difference, then this is the garage door you need to meet your eco-friendly needs without compromising comfort.

5. Made for You - Custom Made Doors

Custom Garage Door

Still having trouble deciding?

Don’t fret! There’s nothing wrong in wanting to ditch generic garage door types. You might want something that’s extra quirky and unique.

That’s exactly why Jims Garage Doors offers a customised option to our clients. Our custom collection doors accommodate the designs, styles, and sizes that you had in mind.

With our highly experienced crew’s assistance, you’re bound to get a garage door installation that at first impression will catch everyone’s attention.

Which One Will You Choose?

Learning about the main types of garage doors is the first step to purchasing one. We offer you all the aesthetics you wish to create.

From sectional doors, window styles and energy savers to customized fixtures―you’ve got an assorted range of options at your disposal.

At Jims Garage Doors we are here to help you pick a garage door that truly reflects the vibe of your home.

We wouldn’t want you to settle for anything less than that!

Looking for a garage door to boost your homes presence?

Get in touch with us from Jims Garage Doors. Being a local business since 2009, our team are experienced professionals at garage door installation, repairs & servicing. Our expertise allows us to be efficient and reliable in resolving all your garage door problems.

All we need from you is to give us a call today to find out what we can do for you.