Garage Door Installation Services

If you are looking to invest in a quality garage door system for your home or business, why not get a quality installation service also? Having your commercial, residential, or industrial garage door installed under the careful consideration and skill of a Jims Garage Doors technician ensures a high-quality and efficient installation process.

Our skilled team has over 30 years’ experience performing garage door installations in Perth on a variety of makes and models of garage door. This allows us to continually offer a high calibre service and a guarantee that your new garage door will operate smoothly and safely.

Commercial and residential garage doors are often installed for the security of your property. An efficient roller door installation process reduces the time your property is susceptible to trespassers or theft.

Our Garage Door Installation in Perth Offers:

All Jims Garage Door installations offer the following.

Perth’s Choice for Garage Door Installation

Jims Garage Doors technicians combined experience of 30 years within the industry makes them the first choice for those looking to have a garage door system installed. You can trust Jims for a comprehensive garage door installation service complete with the highest level of customer service and pride in our work.

Each garage door install specialist is equipped with the knowledge and tools to efficiently install your residential, commercial, or industrial garage door. We work within a tight time frame to ensure your property is kept safe and secure.

If you have an existing garage door but did not include an electric motor in your garage door installation, an opener can be easily retro-fitted for added accessibility. Our accessory install includes all motorised openers, keypads, safety beams, and more.

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Flush-fit style garage door opening

Effective and Smooth Garage Door Installations

When you have your garage door installed by Jims Garage Doors you can relax knowing each install is performed to stringent guidelines. Every Jims technicians follows a thorough installation checklist that is safety and security-focused so those within your property are well protected. This comprehensive approach is the same for full garage door installs to smaller accessory installation, we always focus on quality outcomes.

Your Experts from Start to Finish

We pride ourselves on maintaining an open line of communication throughout the entire process so any queries you may have about the install process can be answered. This collaborative approach ensures that you are always 100% satisfied with the result. With Jims Garage Doors we can have your new garage door installed and operating in four easy steps:

With Jims Garage Doors we can have your garage door installed and operating in four easy steps:

1.    Initial consultation with our mature, experienced, non-pushy sales team in Maddington

2.   Receival of an obligation free written quote

3.   Technicians begin installation on a scheduled time and date

4.   Garage door installation takes place following a safety checklist and feature demonstration

Our goal is to make the garage door installation process stress free and make you feel confident in leaving our expert and experienced team to do what they do best.

Jims employee servicing a garage door

Found the Service but Not the Door? We’ve Got You Covered

Residential Garage/Roller Doors

Our range of residential garage doors caters to the style and aesthetic of your residential property. Combining style, function, and durability the team at Jims Garage Doors will be able to supply and install the perfect garage door for your property.

Commercial Garage/Roller Doors

Finding the right commercial garage door for your business isn’t always easy. Our knowledgeable office team are available Monday to Friday, 8 am- 5 pm to discuss your needs and requirements to find the best solution for your commercial property

Industrial Garage/Roller Doors

Garage doors in industrial spaces undergo extreme amounts of use each and every day, because of this they need to be strong and reliable. Their durability comes from both their design as well as their installation.


Garage door not working as it used too?

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Why Choose Jims Garage Doors?

Unparalleled customer service

When deciding on who you are going to have service your garage door it is important to recognise the importance of unparalleled customer service. Jims Garage Doors is committed to providing exceptional customer service and offering transparent advice in order to find the best maintenance solution for you. The most important aspect of our customer service is that having your garage door maintained won’t impact your day.

Wide range of brands & products

Jims Garage Doors is not affiliated with one particular garage door brand which means we carry a large range of garage doors, roller doors, motors, remotes, and accessories. Our product range covers all residential, commercial, and industrial garage doors needs. As accredited Merlin and Grifco garage door dealers, all products of theirs we supply come with a full warranty.

Expert advice & custom solutions

As an independent garage door company, we offer advice and solutions that span across all brands, makes, and models. The team at Jims Garage Doors pride themselves on offering you a customised solution that works for your family home or your business. We work within your budget, requirements, and style of your home to find the perfect garage door solution for you.

Trusted, reliable, efficient service

All the technicians at Jims Garage Doors undergo an extensive training process to ensure that the garage door specialist working at your home or business is capable of performing an independent service quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Office base in Maddington

Our office based in Maddington Perth is staffed with a friendly and knowledgeable team who can help answer all your garage doors system and accessory questions and enquiries. Our clear and effective communication allows us to make installing, repairing, or replacing your garage door at a residential or commercial property simple.


Installing your new garage door system yourself may seem like the best way to get it installed at a time that works for you or to save some additional cost. However, if you are taking the care to invest in a quality garage door why jeopardise this quality with an unqualified installation. Garage doors have become increasingly technical to install over time and with automated motors, their incorrect installation could be putting a lot at risk.

The sheer size and number of moving parts in a garage door system mean there are many possibilities for a DIY installer to cause serious harm to themselves, those using the door, or their property. Apart from the obvious safety concerns that installing a garage door yourself can bring, incorrect installations can lead to a voided warranty. We recommend a professional installation service to save, time, money, and effort in the long-term.

Jims Garage Doors are authorised distributors of the following garage door brands:

  • CSI Classic Garage Doors
  • Steel Line
  • Centurion
  • Danmar
  • Merlin
  • Grifco
  • B&D

To line up a time for a measure and quote for a new garage door installation, just give the friendly team at our Maddington office a call.

Garage door installations typically take anywhere from an hour and a half, to half a day (3-4 hours). This is highly dependent on the type and size of the garage door you are choosing to have installed.

All doors from Jims Garage Doors come with a manufacturer warranty. Jims Garage Doors honours manufacturer warranty as we are accredited suppliers of all major garage door brands. Dependent on the garage door brand, warranties will vary from 1 - 10 years. Get in touch with our easygoing sales team to find out more.

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