Why Does My Garage Door Open By Itself?

Person using a garage door remote

Your garage door is an important safety feature of your home, and it should only open on your command.

Why Is It Important That My Garage Door Functions Correctly?

When purchasing a home, we make sure the doors lock, the gates are secure and the windows open and close effectively, but we often overlook the garage door. Ensuring your garage door is working properly is crucial for safety and security purposes. Failure to do so can leave valuable possessions at risk of theft or damage.

It’s strange to think we overlook the operationality of garage doors the way we do, considering we often store some of our most expensive possessions here. Cars, tools, bikes and other gadgets and toys are generally kept in your garage, highlighting the importance of ensuring your roller door is functioning safely and securely.

Potential Reasons Why Your Garage Door Opens By Itself

‘Ghost’ openings occur when your garage door opens randomly by itself. The cause of these openings can vary from user error to damaged or malfunctioning parts. An open garage door poses a large security risk as it leaves your home or business open to intruders, thieves and the weather. Let’s take a look at some potential causes for ghost openings.

Faulty Remote

A faulty remote control can send flawed signals to your garage door opener. Commonly, garage door remotes are thrown into bags, left on your cars sun visor, on the outdoor table or hidden outside for others to access. These conditions and rough treatment can cause damage to the inner circuit board of the remote causing contacts to wear or fuse. This can cause the sending of false signals to your garage door motor to open or close.

Cross Frequencies

If your garage door opens by itself throughout the day and these ghost openings match up with your neighbours leaving or returning home, then a crossed frequency could be the cause. A nearby resident may have a garage door remote that is programmed with the same code and frequency as yours. While this scenario is unlikely, it is very much a possibility.

Frequency outputs from wireless internet, radio or mobile towers can also cause interference with your garage door opener. Troubleshooting this issue can differ depending on the brand of door installed, therefore reading your owner’s manual or calling a garage door service specialist, like the team at Jims Garage Doors, is recommended.

Incorrect Limit Settings

Garage door openers often include adjustable features, including two settings that can impact your door’s function: the open limit setting and the closed limit setting. These settings indicate how far up the track the door needs to travel before it is fully open, and how far it needs to go down to be fully closed. When the door reaches one of these limit settings, the garage door opener stops. If set incorrectly, these limit settings can be a cause of unusual garage door issues – particularly if the door stops before it reaches the floor or ceiling.

Blocked Safety Sensors

Modern garage doors often feature safety sensors within the motor, on each side of the door and mounted on the tracks. The sensors function to tell the garage door to open when they detect an obstacle in the door’s path.

Garage door safety sensors generally operate by firing a light beam across the door – if the beam is interrupted, then the auto-reverse mechanism kicks in and door will not shut. This feature is a good safeguard for keeping pets and young children protected from extremely heavy garage doors.

Malfunctioning Circuit Board

The weather can also negatively impact the functionality of your garage door. Thunderstorms and other natural weather events can cause power outages or electrical surges. If you have recently experienced a power outage or surge, the electrical circuits responsible for the opening and closing your door may have been damaged. This type of damage can lead to the garage opening by itself, usually in a completely erratic manner.

Person using garage door opener remote in car

How Can I Troubleshoot My Garage Door Opening By Itself?

If you are experiencing ghost openings at your home, outlined below there are a few basic troubleshooting and safety measures you can attempt. If a solution cannot be found, then engaging a qualified garage door technician, like the experts at Jims Garage Doors is recommended.

  • Ensure the door is actually closing and not reversing just before hitting the floor
  • Reprogram your remote(s) and keypad
  • If you have an attached garage, ensure to lock the interior door restricting access to your house
  • Check low voltage wiring for exposed or bare spots, and check for loose connections to the wall control and opener
  • Ensure neighbours remotes and keypads aren’t linked to your opener
  • Make sure the buttons on your remotes or keypads are not permanently stuck down
  • With the door closed, unplug the opener’s power cord from the outlet while you are away

How Can Jims Garage Doors Help Me?

Jims Garage Doors have over 30 years of experience with garage door installations, maintenance and servicing. Our team of technicians undertake a rigorous training process to ensure they are fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide you with top quality service.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and aim to offer an exceptional service experience for you every time you deal with us. Each member of our garage door servicing team holds a current police clearance and white card, giving you the confidence that your home or business is in safe hands. Get in touch with us today for all your garage door needs.