Commercial Garage Doors Perth

Protect your business and employees with a quality commercial garage door.

Quality Commercial Garage Doors Built to Last & Impress

Your business is your livelihood and the security of your staff, equipment, and stock is paramount. High-quality commercial garage doors are a safety measure against trespassers that provide peace of mind to you as a business owner.

Jims Garage Doors are confident in the durability and reliability of the commercial roller doors we supply and install. Without compromising on an appealing exterior, our commercial garage doors offer affordability, security and practicality.

Each business is different and will require specialised service to secure your business. Our team has worked on the installation of hundreds of commercial garage doors and can tailor a solution to suit you. Regardless of the size of your business, you can benefit from a security garage door at your commercial property. From smaller retail stores to industrial warehouses, Jims Garage Doors can perform any size project to secure your business.

Designed to Keep Your Business Safe & Secure

With all garage doors, reliability is crucial. As a security measure, you need to be able to count on your commercial garage door day-in and day-out. This is why we only use the best garage door and accessories suppliers, so your business is always safe and your commercial garage door is always functioning properly.

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We Supply & Fit Garage Doors for Any Commercial Application

No matter the needs of your commercial business, Jims Garage Doors has the solution for you. Our range of commercial garage doors cater to demanding workloads and suit the requirements of your business. An important features such as durability, reliability, and in some cases, ventilation are important in a commercial garage doorand at Jims, we have a solution for all your commercial garage door needs.

Commercial Sectional Doors

If you need a commercial garage door that can handle heavy use with ease, Jims Garage Doors offers an extensive range of sectional doors to suit your needs. The commercial sectional door is suited to many businesses as it offers added visibility, airflow, and durability, whilst increasing protection and security.

Amplimesh Security Doors

Amplimesh security doors offer the best of both worlds in terms of security and style. Their open design allows for airflow and visibility into your commercial space, whilst offering complete protection of your plant and equipment. Its frame design makes it straightforward to service and repair.

Commercial Roller Doors/Shutters

Commercial roller doors are a popular choice for commercial applications such as warehouse and storage sheds. Commercial roller shutters are known for their heavy-duty protection and durability, as well as the flexibility to be used in a large variety of door opening sizes. 

Commercial garage with lots of movement in and out of nice garage doors installed by Jims

Maximising the Efficiency of Your Business

At Jims Garage Doors we understand time is money. When your commercial garage door fails to operate, it can cause huge inefficiencies in the daily operation of your organisation. Having your commercial garage doors installed and serviced by Jims, you can be assured that it will last for years to come. Our flexible hours mean our technicians can meet at a time convenient for you and deliver a free measure and quote for a new install or service an existing garage door.

Commercial Garage Door Services

Garage Door Products

Garage Door Openers

To increase the functionality of your commercial garage door, a garage door opener accessory allows for remote opening and closure of the door. Jims Garage Doors stock a wide variety of garage door openers to suit your requirements.

Garage Door Accessories

There is garage door accessories available to make the use of your commercial garage door easier. These can include, remotes, automatic sensors, security keypads and more. Jims Garage Doors an extensive range of accessories means we will have the solution for you.


How do I choose which door will suit my commercial needs the best?

At Jim’s Garage Doors we offer an extensive range of commercial garage doors and brands to suit all your business needs.


For commercial purposes, we offer sectional doors, roller doors/ roller shutters and Amplimesh security doors. The garage door you choose will depend on several factors such as size, style, opener motor type and security.


We recommend speaking to our experts to discuss your options to find a door that will fit your business.

How do I choose the right commercial door opener for my business?

While a new garage door is a component that will have the greatest impact on your commercial business, a suitable garage door opener is crucial for the safety of your staff, your plant and your equipment.


Choosing the correct garage door opening system is important for both accessibility and usability of the door you choose. Picking from our quality products will ensure the door you select isn’t under too much weight or strain.


We stock a wide range of garage door opening systems from fully automated openers to roller door motor openers to accommodate all of your residential, commercial and industrial needs.

Can you install garage door openers separately to garage doors?

If you have had a commercial door installed by us but it didn’t include an electric opener, you don’t have to worry.


A garage door opener installation can be easily performed as a stand alone service or as part of a complete garage door system installation. We can also service and repair these openers if required.


What else can you install?


Jim’s Garage Doors also supplies and installs a variety of quality products from openers and remotes to accessories and equipment like keypads, safety devices and more.


Our product range covers all residential, commercial and industrial garage doors.

  • All major garage door brands
  • All garage door openers
  • All garage door types
  • Remotes, accessories and equipment

Does my door require regular servicing?

Commercial and industrial garage doors are used more than residential doors and under more consistent use and strain. This means that they can sometimes require more frequent maintenance to ensure it continues to operate reliably and safely. If you notice your door isn’t working as it should, it is an indication that a service could be needed.


Failing to regularly maintain your garage door can lead to costly expenses when it stops functioning which could result in a complete repair or replacement. Our comprehensive garage door servicing analyses any parts that may need to be replaced or repaired to keep your door functioning at peak performance.


If anything isn’t performing how you think it should, get in touch with the professional service team at Jim’s Garage Doors top ensure you get the best service for your door.