A Buyer’s Guide To Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial garage with lots of movement in and out of nice garage doors installed by Jims

Here are several things to keep in mind when you are in the market for a commercial garage door.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Commercial Garage Door?

When looking for a garage door for your business or commercial space, it is important to consider more than just the price. The size of your workspace, amount of vehicle and employee traffic, as well as the importance of temperature control and security will all impact on your decision.

Factors To Consider

The modern market of garage door products is wide-ranging and offers plentiful variations for design and performance options, adding efficiency, security and aesthetic value. Specifying a suitable look, working out dimensions and optimising performance of your commercial door is a complex and time-consuming process. We explore a few considerations that you can focus on throughout this procedure.

Type of Closure

There are two main types of garage doors utilised in a commercial setting – rolling and sectional. Each of these types of door has its benefits and intended applications. Rolling doors, made of coiling metal slats, are compact, versatile and can be programmed to operate at varying speeds. Rolling doors are engineered for increased security and are generally made from heavy-duty materials.

Sectional doors have panels that move upward and are quite common in residential applications. The nature of the sectional doors allows for greater flexibility when concerned with design and aesthetics – including full-view sections that offer natural light, visibility and a modern look. Sectional doors work ideally for applications where visibility is a priority or where climate control is a concern.

Space & Mounting

Both rolling and sectional doors have differing requirements for proper installation – rolling doors require adequate space above the opening to comfortably house the rolled coil. Sectional doors on the other hand, require little headroom but need adequate backroom for the door to retract in to.

Ensuring enough spacing is left between your commercial door and other facilities in your building is crucial. Things like HVAC equipment, lighting fixtures and sprinklers are common additions to a commercial space and avoiding obstructions is vital to maintaining the proper operation of your facility.

Cycle Rating

Cycle rating is another key consideration when selecting a commercial garage door. Cycle rating indicates the estimated number of times that a door can be fully opened and closed in its lifetime. This rating can range from anywhere between 10,000 to one million and selecting a door with a suitable rating is crucial to ensure the components of the system will last throughout the door’s planned lifetime.

Operational Speed

Both sectional and rolling doors offer a variety of speeds to suit varying applications. Business owners will need to consider how quickly they require their door to open and close. For example, facilities that require the control of temperature, such as food processing plants, will require a greater speed when compared to a general warehouse where high operational speed is not a necessity.

Wind Load

Garage doors are generally rated for the wind load they can withstand in both a static and operational capacity. Static wind load refers to the amount of force your door can withstand while closed, while operable wind load indicates the force a door can handle while safely operating. Ensuring the door you select is able to withstand the wind conditions in your geographic area is crucial to protecting the people, equipment and products in your facility.


Garage door insulation is a key consideration for all commercial spaces, particularly for businesses who are concerned with temperature control. Commercial garage door insulation assists with regulating internal temperature, reducing noise pollution and enhancing energy efficiency of your commercial door.

How Much Will A Commercial Garage Door Installation Cost?

The costs associated with commercial garage door installation are determined by factors including the type, size and materials used for the door. In addition to this, complexity of the installation and accessories such as commercial door openers may affect the overall price. Jims Garage Doors stock a large range of doors in varied sizes and styles that are suited to industrial or commercial applications – get in touch today for a quote!

Potential Problems With Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial garage doors are heavy duty pieces of machinery built to withstand high rates of use, however there are some issues that can be encountered. To mitigate the likelihood of problems, it is recommended that regular maintenance is conducted by expert technicians and a service schedule is maintained.

Remote Control Issues

A common concern that can present itself with commercial garage doors is issues with the remote control. The easiest solution is to check the batteries within the remote and replace them if required.

Worn / Damaged Rollers

Worn or damaged rollers can greatly impact the efficiency of your commercial garage door. Ensuring the rollers and tracks are free from debris and regularly checking them for visual signs of wear and tear is the best course of action.

Old / Damaged Torsion Spring

The springs on your garage door are crucial components to the door’s successful operation. Due to the extreme tension these springs are under, it is recommended that all spring issues are rectified by a professional service technician.

Worn / Damaged Cables

Worn or damaged cables are detrimental to the operation of your door. As with your springs and rollers, inspect the cables regularly for visual signs of wear, and call a service technician if they are damaged.

Improper Alignment

Improper alignment can lead to the malfunction of your garage door. To prevent this, a visual inspection should be conducted and gaps between rails, as well as bent or curved metal should be reported to a garage door specialist for repair.

Damaged Sections / Panels

Replacing a damaged section of your door is a possibility if budget or practicality issues are at play, however a new door will offer better warranty options, may be more technologically advanced and can aid in boosting the value of the commercial space.

Why Choose Jims Garage Doors?

Since 2009, the team at Jims Garage Doors have been focused on providing customers with full-scale garage door services of exceptional quality. Our technicians have been trained in all aspects of installation, maintenance and repairs on various makes and models of garage door. Providing honest, professional and trustworthy service is at the core of what we do, making us a leader within the industry.

For all your commercial garage door installation, maintenance or repair needs – get in touch with our expert team today!