How Often Should You Service Your Garage Door?

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Regular maintenance of your garage door ensures everything works safely and efficiently.

Why Is Garage Door Servicing Important?

Similarly to cars, air conditioners or other equipment and machinery, servicing your garage door is the most effective way to prolong its operational life. By regularly maintaining your garage door you can minimise the amount of wear and tear on the door and its components, helping it to operate smoothly and as expected. Maintaining a service schedule for your garage door also reduces the likelihood of unexpected and expensive repairs or replacements.

Why Should I Service My Garage Door In The First Place?

Servicing your garage door provides more benefits than just saving you money in the long run. A regular maintenance schedule helps to ensure the doors safety for you and your family members or housemates. Garage doors are extremely large and heavy pieces of machinery that can pose a significant health risk when not operating correctly. Additionally, some of the door’s components, such as the door springs, are under extremely high tension and should be checked regularly to make sure there are no faults or defects that may affect the performance of the door. Scheduling servicing for your garage door also helps to prevent the door from failing when you need it most, which causes you a major inconvenience.

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How Do I Know When My Door Needs To Be Serviced?

It is recommended that homeowners service their garage doors at least once every 1-2 years, however the majority of people do not adhere to this. We have identified some common signs and symptoms that your door needs a service or repair:

Dry or Rusted Springs & Cables

The springs on a garage door allow the door to open and close with ease and are often regarded as the most important component in the system. When the springs or cables on the door system start to dry out and rust, the danger of them breaking is dramatically increased. Should the springs or cables break this will leave the garage door inoperable or jammed causing you a major inconvenience. A quick visual inspection from the technicians at Jims Garage Doors can save you time and money in the long run.

Loud, Unusual Noises When Opening or Closing

If your garage door is making unusual noises during operation then this may be a sign that it is due for a service. A noisy garage door can be the result of no lubricant, a build-up of grime or debris in the tracks, or a result of an under-tensioned garage door spring. Applying the lubricant or cleaning the tracks are tasks you can undertake yourself, however the tensioning of the garage door spring must be done by a qualified technician due to the related danger of the task.

Chain Or Belt Moves But Door Does Not Open / Close

A frequent issue that occurs with many garage door openers is the chain or belt moving but the door does not. This can be the result of the garage door needing to be re-engaged, or it could be a problem with the opener itself. Providing you feel comfortable, you can re-engage the door yourself by following steps in the owner’s manual. Alternatively, the qualified service technicians at Jims Garage Doors can assist you with re-engagement or garage door opener issues.

Door Opening Unexpectedly

If your garage door opens unexpectedly after closing, this may be a sign that the motor and other components need inspecting by a qualified service technician. If your garage door ‘bounces’ open after closing it is recommended that the door is serviced before it is used again for safety reasons.

Visible Damage To Components

You can personally inspect some of the components of your garage door to see if there are visible signs of damage. Signs to look out for include:

  • Cracks in the hinges
  • Loose wheels
  • Noisy end bearings

If any of these indications are present, the integrity of your garage door may be compromised. It is recommended that you engage a garage door specialist to double check your system immediately.

Benefits of Garage Door Servicing

Numerous benefits for homeowners can be derived from regular maintenance of your garage door.

Family & Home Security

A garage door that won’t close is one of the most common issues caused by service neglect, leaving your home vulnerable to intruders and crime.

Regular maintenance of your garage door not only helps to maintain the system but also mitigates safety concerns by securing your home. A functioning garage door gives you peace of mind that your family and household belongings are protected around the clock.

Preventing Safety Hazards

Regular servicing of your garage door aids in preventing it from becoming a safety hazard for you and your family. If you notice your door isn’t operating as it should, or has come off the tracks then you will need to contact a garage door specialist. It is strongly recommended that you do not try to fix these issues yourself.

Avoid Inflicting Unnecessary Repair Costs

Regular servicing helps to minimise the amount of money you spend long term. By fixing small issues as they arise and before they become major issues, will prevent your need to pay for repair or replacement expenses. It is important to not overlook the warning signs of a weakened garage door as a homeowner. If you do need repair services, the team at Jims Garage Doors is always happy to assist.

Prolong The Lifespan Of Your Garage Door

Regular maintenance of your garage door is one of the best ways to extend its operational lifespan. Components like the motor and springs need to be regularly checked to ensure they are in working order. Garage doors are an important asset to your home, so it is imperative that you maintain it accordingly.

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What Can I Do Myself To Maintain My Garage Door?

It is recommended that all major servicing and repairs are conducted by a trained professional, however there are some small things you can do personally that aid in garage door maintenance:

  • Washing the door
  • Applying anti-rust agents to exposed parts & springs
  • Clearing dust, grime & debris from the tracks
  • Lubricating any moving parts with garage door lubricant

How Can Jims Garage Doors Help Me?

Jims Garage Doors are service specialists who can assess, repair, and maintain your garage door and its components. With over 35 years of technical experience and knowledge, the team at Jims Garage Doors is well equipped to carry out any maintenance or servicing [internal link:] on your garage doors. We service all major brands across the Perth Metro area and Greater Peel region. If you’re in need of garage door services, look no further than the team at Jims. Get in touch today!