Grifco Accessories

We Offer A Range Of Garage Door Accessories

Mounting Equipment

grifco mounting plate

Mounting Kits

Choose from a selection of Grifco’s purpose-designed mounting plates that are designed to allow easy installation

grifco drive chain

Transmission Hardware

We supply Grifco’s full range of transmission hardware for your installation, from hand chain, to drive chain and sprockets.

Remote Control Devices

grifco remote controller

Remote Transmitters

We offer Grifco full range of remotes that enhances access to your commercial space. All remotes come with the new Security +2.0 technology that ensures seamless operation at long ranges. Keyring, car visor and wall mounting options available

assortment of remote controllers

Transmitter Management

Grifco’s range of Transmitter Management allows device management for up to 1,000 remotes that can be applied to apartment buildings, carparks and warehouses. Get control to add, remove and change each remote for any tenant that comes and goes. 


Safety Devices

grifco safety beam hardware

Monitored Safety Beams

Required by Australian/New Zealand standards, monitored safety beams are crucial investment for safety and protection. This addition stops closing doors by sensing obstructions via non-contact detection. Helping improve your buildings safety standards and productivity.



grifco safety light curtin

Monitored Light Curtin

The Monitored Light Curtain is a genuine investment in safety and injury prevention. With 21 intersecting LEDs criss-cross 2m of the door’s opening height, no longer will there be unsuspecting door movement that hinders safety, productivity and security. 

Wall Control

grifco black wall control

eDrive +2.0 Wall Controls

With a wide range of advanced controllers that enhances functionality and protection. Choosing an eDrive +2.0 Opener comes equipped with wall controller capable of application-specific functions and designs that best suit you. 


grifco white reverse starter

Reversing Starters

Perfect for basic door control and performance. Reverse Starters are simple to use that is adaptable to fit all Grifco openers with mechanical limits.

grey key switch

Key Switch & Push Buttons

Grifco offers a range of key switches and push buttons to enable easy access to a facility or isolate the door during service periods.

eDrive Logic Expansions

edrive expansion board

Expansion Board

Designed for additional functionality when you need it. The eDrive +2.0 Expansion Board helps improve range, control and performance of your eDrive +2.0 Operator with minimal interruptions.



grifco main control board

Main Control Boards

The Main Control Board serves to replace and upgrade current control board and logic systems for older Grifco openers. Revitalising its functionality and improve current performance standards. 

grey logic control unit

Logic For Mechanical Limit Operators

Grifco offers a range of key switches and push buttons to enable easy access to a facility or isolate the door during service periods.

Warning Systems & Power Supply

red sounder warning system

Flashing Light & Sounders

Grifco’s range of flashing lights and sounders are vital component to any commercial or industrial space. Providing warning signals to by-passers, pedestrians or motorists of opening/closing doors. 

3 LED traffic light units

LED Traffic Light

The ideal option for carparks, cargo movement and production facilities. The LED Traffic Light adds higher levels of safety and incident prevention. 

black UPS unit

UPS Device

A commercial lifesaver, the Uninterrupted Power Supply device is a crucial component to any commercial door. Capable of delivering  uninterrupted power in the absence of a main power, the UPS Device protects against surges, EMI noise and spikes.