Sectional Garage Doors Openers

Commander Series

Best in the business

Australia’s most popular line of Garage door openers. The commander series is versatile in it’s performance to deliver maximum security, safety and reliability to your home. 

Commander series openers are designed to be durable and resistant to all weather conditions to last a lifetime. 

Innovative And Smart

Features MyQ compatibility technology to allow smart user control.

Reliable And Strong

The Commander series motors are built to last and operate with minimal interference


Commander series motors come with the latest technology that guards your home against all.

black rectangular commander ultimate unit sectional door opener

Commander Ultimate MJ3800MYQ

Protection at it’s best. The Commander Ultimate is the premium opener in the Merlin sectional door range. Get access to the latest innovative technology in garage door openers. 

grey commander extreme unit sectional door opener

Commander Extreme MS125MYQ

Forged under pressure. The Commander Extreme is built for heavy lifting under the most extreme weather conditions. It’s heavy durability and quiet motor ensures smooth operations in every situation

grey commander extreme plus unit sectional door opener

Commander Extreme MS125MYQX

Stalwart in every scenario. The Commander Extreme X is built for heavy lifting with it’s powerful motor suited for heavy custom doors to last against any extreme weather condition.  

grey commander elite unit sectional door opener

Commander Elite MS105MYQ

Our most popular model. The Commander Elite is built to be versatile, reliable & strong, featuring the latest smart technology & security programming to ensure safety of your space. 

grey commander essential unit sectional door opener

Commander Essential MS65MYQ

Everything in one. Get the best in performance and security with the Commander Essential. Reliable, sturdy and innovative  in its delivery, this is the opener you need in every home. 

white commander myq unit sectional door opener

Commander myQ MT110MYQ

The newest model in the Merlin Range. The myQ boasts the latest smart technology that lets you freely control your garage door anywhere and everywhere. Giving you full control to ensure the safety and security of your home. 

Garage Door Opener Range

Everything You Need For Your Home

We supply a wide range of garage door openers that incorporate unique features to ensure the best in performance and protection for you. 

Merlin’s garage door openers are designed to be efficient and durable in all residential homes.


Advanced circuit designs allow for peak performance at a reduced energy cost.


Sectional garage door motors come with the latest technology that guards your home against all.

Trusted And Reliable

Quality performance guaranteed with Merlin's trusted warranty service to ensure your full satisfaction.

black and red rectangular merlin sectional door opener


Complete the look of your home. This unique opener is fitted next to your garage door. Powerful, silent and reliable, the MJ3800 keeps your garage ceiling clear for storage and complete the flawless look of your designer home.  

white cyclone pro sectional door opener

CyclonePro MT120EVOPS

Immovable and resilient. The CyclonePro is the strongest of Merlin’s sectional range best suited for regions in Australia prone to heavy storm activities.

black power ace sectional door opener

PowerAce MT60EVO

Go green and save. Merlin’s PowerAce features the latest electronic design allowing it to consume less energy in its lifetime while being whisper quiet. 

black tilt master tilt door opener

Tiltmaster MT100EVO

The best of two worlds. The Tiltmaster allows seamless operation of your sectional and tilt doors. With the newest security and energy saving technology, get the convenience of a highly performing door with an ease of mind.

white whisperdrive sectional door opener

WhisperDrive MT3850EVO

Performance you don’t hear. Merlin’s WhisperDrive delivers fast and quiet operation of your garage door to keep your house peacefully silent.