Roller Shutter Doors Openers

Roller Shutter Door Range

Leading The Way In Performance

Commercially ready for heavy duty operations. Grifco’s range of roller shutter openers brings power, durability and reliability for any business.

We supply the best options for heavy lifting to help ensure smooth and safe operations of your business activities with little interruptions.  

We supply, stock and install all variants of Grifco Roller Shutter Openers. 

Fit For Duty

Designed with powerful motors to lift the heaviest of roller shutters

Easy To Operate

Features the latest +2.0 Logic system & automatic chain-engage management for easy operations.

Extremely Tough

Robust & durable built to support the heaviest workloads for extended periods.

edrive RKML opener

eDrive +2.0 RKML

The industry favourite for commercial roller doors, the eDrive +2.0 sets itself as the standard for quality, durability and performance. Its adaptability to fit various door sizes and expansion options make this a must have for any business.

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roller shutter mdrive opener


A solid performer that proves its worth. The mDrive features a range of powerful motors and wall control options that enable flexibility to your commercial space while ensuring  consistent and reliable operation.   

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roller shutter hd drive

HD Operator

Designed to lift large roller shutters. The HD operator features fan-cool motors and streamlined gearboxes that give it the power for lift for long periods with failure. An essential for any large cargo movement business.     

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roller shutter ehd opener

EHD Operator

Fit to lift very large shutters, the EHD operator is absolute power that brings the extra into heavy duty. Featuring the largest train drive and eDrive +2.0 logic system, the EHD is smart, strength and toughness all in one. 

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roller shutter udrive opener


Designed to lift non-spring balanced roller shutters that suits carparks and warehouse docks. The U-Drive is a powerful operator that features highly durable gearboxes and fan-cooled motors that gives fast and reliable heavy lifting performance. 

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